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Not all STIs have symptoms, so the only way to be sure about your status is to get tested. Find out where you can get tested, what it’s like and what you can do about your results. Find out more.

A condom is a physical barrier worn on a penis or toy during sex to prevent the spread of STIs and HIV. You can find condoms at our shop. Find out more.


Sometimes, we forget to play safely. PEP is a 4-week course of medication that reduces the risk of HIV transmission. Find out if you need PEP, when to take it and where to get it. Find out more.


U=U means Undetectable=Untransmissable. HIV+ people on effective treatment can reduce their viral load to an undetectable level, which means the virus cannot be passed on during sex. Find out more.

Having a chat before sex is an important way to keep you safe. Learn about how to chat about your boundaries, your health and your sexual safety. Consent is sexy. Find out more.


Dating online is sexy, fun and convenient but it also comes with risk. Learn more about keeping yourself safe online and how to protect your privacy, your emotions and your whole self. Find out more.


PrEP is a preventive medication to protect you from contracting HIV. Find out if you’re eligible for PrEP, how to get PrEP and more.
Find out more.


STIs are bugs, viruses and infections that can be spread during sex. Learn about STIs, how to spot them, how to prevent them, how to diagnose them and how they are treated. Find out more.

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