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Meridian provides a variety of services to people impacted by HIV and AIDS. Services currently offered include:


We provide case management for people living with HIV. We can support you through a variety of challenges that life presents, including accessing healthcare services, housing, and government services. We provide advocacy services and can help you respond to any instances of unfair treatment.


Peer support activities include:

Social functions
Information sessions

Peer support provides you with an opportunity to meet, talk to, and learn from other people living with HIV. We believe that social inclusion is vital for good physical and mental health and wellbeing. Meridian continues to develop a range of programs to support our community. For regular updates subscribe to the client services newsletter by emailing


Most events and activities run for people living with HIV, unless otherwise stated, are open to anyone living with HIV, including women.

Throughout the year, we offer one to one social support and case management. We also provide specific Positive Women’s events.

Some useful information can be found at and

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