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Our team delivers a huge range of education and training opportunities to schools, community groups and businesses across the Territory and the surrounding region. We take pride in sharing information that prioritises human to human interaction, and endeavours to create a safe community where there is respect for all people, regardless of HIV status, sexual orientation or gender identity. Because of our unique approach to delivering training, our reputation, and the demand for comprehensive and engaging education packages is growing.

All sessions are delivered by our skilled and dynamic staff members who bring a wealth of lived and professional experience, local knowledge and academic education to all our training sessions. Our training method is a combination of presentation and discussion incorporating multimedia, written and practical activities. We have a “no wrong question” policy to ensure all participants have an opportunity to involve themselves in the session fully.

Training sessions can be delivered at your centre, workplace, or the Meridian training rooms. To enquire about our education and training modules, please contact us on 02 6257 2855 or email


Organisations are realising that being LGBTIQ+ inclusive can provide their staff and services users’ with healthier outcomes. It is not uncommon for organisations engaging with LGBTIQ+ communities to feel like this is new territory. Meridian in partnership with A Gender Agenda (AGA) is able to provide professional and engaging training in order to help your staff and service users embrace diversity.

We collect data via a pre-session questionnaire we send to all participants prior to delivery. This is a useful tool used to gauge the number of participants, the existing level of LGBTIQ+ awareness of the group and provides an opportunity for participants to ask anonymous questions, all of which can determine the structure of the sessions, which are typically 2 hours in duration.

Training outcomes include:

  • Understand and recognise diversity within the human experience.
  • Explore evolving concepts of Sex, Gender and Sexuality.
  • Gain confidence in the use of language and terminologies around LGBTIQ people and communities. 
  • Identify and develop ways to enhance workplace inclusive practice and policy.
  • Focus on topics of learning and discussion specific to your organisational needs.

Get in touch with our team by email or phone to find out more about these training offers.

A PDF outlining the training information including costs can be found here.


Since the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s, our understanding of the HIV virus and the ability to treat people living HIV has improved significantly.  Today, although treatments are vastly more effective, it is important to understand people can still be and are impacted by HIV. Meridian delivers this easy to understand, interactive, and engaging HIV education module designed to encourage and facilitate conversations in order to develop basic HIV knowledge including:

  • What is HIV?
  • How is HIV transmitted?
  • HIV prevention
  • Stigma and discrimination
  • Living with HIV


Is your organisation working to meet the new priorities under the National LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Strategy? Our ageing population is arguably the most important transition facing LGBTIQ and wider communities in the coming years.

Whether you are an aged care facility or health care provider, Meridian can help you identify changes to policies and provide staff training to assist in making both your workforce and organisation truly inclusive.
This nationally funded program provides a limited number of free one-day workshops aimed at improving and strengthening LGBTI inclusive service delivery for aged care sector workers and organisations providing aged care services.

Individual training can be customised to meet the needs of your organisation and staff teams and be delivered either onsite or at one of our partner agencies.

This module includes:

  • Understanding LGBTI communities
  • Defining the current ageing experience for LGBTI people
  • Social stigma and assumptions
  • Issues for LGBTI seniors
  • Medical considerations
  • Legislation
  • Government policy
  • Inclusive practice


“SWOP”, Meridian’s Sex Worker Outreach Program provides training and health promotion workshops to all sectors of the community, government and non-government organisations, universities and others. Our educators are sex worker advocates and peers who have a wealth of lived experience and a unique educative approach.  SWOP provides education and insights into sex work in the ACT and nationally. SWOP training provides participants with a full understanding of sex work as an occupation, trafficking, sex worker mobility and migration, impacts of legislation, law reform and human rights.  This training is ideal for anyone who provides health and welfare services to sex workers and includes detailed information on how to engage with sex workers positively and respectfully.

Presentations can be tailored to meet the needs of organisations and group and include:

  • The realities and myths of sex work
  • WH&S
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Taking a sexual history – for clinicians
  • Inclusive practice
  • Risk management
  • Impact of stigma and discrimination
  • Sex workers and the law

Contact SWOP ACT for more information about Sex Worker Awareness Training 


Education sessions can be tailored to meet your needs, and Meridian works with a partner organisation, A Gender Agenda (AGA) to deliver specialist education on topics including:

  • Inclusive practice for health providers
  • Taking a sexual history – for clinicians
  • Working with trans and gender diverse clients
  • Diversity and Intersex people
  • LGBTIQ+ mental health
  • Alcohol, other drugs and LGBTIQ+ communities

Whatever your specific training needs may be, we can work with you to create the most helpful training package for your organisation. For more information about any of the professional education and training modules delivered by Meridian, please contact us on 02 6257 2855 or by email to

For more information on Meridian’s activities, initiatives and past reports/media releases, head to the Resource Library found here.

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