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Gay and bisexual men are part of our diverse community, with both shared and unique experiences that affect their physical and mental health needs.

Mental Health

Gay and bisexual men, on the whole, maintain good mental health, but there are times when life circumstances become more difficult to manage on your own. Our Westlund Counselling Service offers gay and bisexual men access to low cost or free counselling provided by practitioners who are from the same community. Support is provided for relationship issues and sexual health, discrimination and stigma at work or elsewhere, depression and anxiety, body image and self-esteem, among many others.

Sexual Health Education

Meridian’s peer-led education groups allow gay and bisexual men to explore effective ways to take care of yourself and your sexual partners while enjoying a satisfying sex life. Education for our community by our community members.

Sexual Health Clinics

Working in partnership with Canberra Sexual Health Centre, the STRIP program allows gay and bisexual men to take control of their sexual health. STRIP is a community-based STI testing clinic where gay and bisexual men can speak directly with health professionals who understand our community about their sexual health, including PrEP.

Social Media

Meridian encourages building community connections and resilience. Mr Meridian Facebook page is where all gay and bisexual men, queer men, and other men that have sex with men, can access reliable information about sex, health, love and other issues that matter to you.

Community Groups

Meridian hosts a number of groups and events especially for gay & bisexual men. MAGNET is the mature age gay network, a social group for older gay and bisexual men that meets for coffee or to see a film throughout the year. Our Coming Out workshop for older men coming out as gay later in life to talk about the issues that matter to them looking to the future.

Meridian is an integrated service for the LGBTIQ community, so gay and bisexual men may access many programs on offer such as our SMART Recovery program, focusing on Alcohol use in the LGBTIQ community, and our major annual events such as Fair Day. We encourage gay and bisexual men to check out our events page to see fully what’s on offer.

At Meridian, we welcome feedback on our service delivery and any ideas you may have for future programs. We also encourage volunteers to be involved in delivering some activities backed by training and supervision. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and get involved in your community.


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