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Sex Workers Outreach Program

SWOP ACT Mission Statement

To achieve acceptance of sex work as a valid occupation and to empower sex workers to encourage, support and educate each other within our community.

SWOP is a peer-based community organisation whose primary purpose is the prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), through education and referral.


Outreach is a free service to all workers and studios in the ACT. SWOP ACT does outreach to ensure all workers have access to information about their health and rights.

Product Sales

Low cost condoms, lube, and other safe sex products are available. Cash and card facilities available. The SWOP ACT at Havelock House is a secondary NSP (needle and syringe program).

Havelock House,
85 Northbourne Avenue,
Turner ACT 2612

(02) 6257 2855

Tuesday – Friday, 9:30am – 5:00pm

We are here to educate sex workers about safe sex practices and the prevention of HIV and other STIs. To lobby for legal and administrative frameworks that do not discriminate against sex workers and former sex workers.

To address the special needs of workers from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds so they can have easy access to services such as access to resources.

To eradicate sex worker stereotypes in the popular consciousness and replace myths with the truth about sex workers and our experiences.

To provide information about how to obtain access to a range of health and community services that are appropriately sensitive to the needs of sex workers.

Drop in

You are welcome to drop in for a cuppa and con­fidential chat with a SWOP worker 9:30am – 5:00pm Tuesday – Friday. Calling ahead is recommended to ensure a SWOP worker is available.

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