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Meridian was founded on the hard work and dedication of volunteers. Volunteers play a key role in the work of the organisation. If you support the vision and the mission of Meridian and have a desire to help us with our work, you will be welcomed as part of a dedicated team of volunteers. There are no rules about the amount of time you would be expected to devote when volunteering with Meridian, and there are many ways that people can help us do our work.

Volunteers must become financial members of Meridian to be covered by Meridian’s public liability and personal accident insurance policies. A special reduced membership rate is offered to volunteers. You can find out more about the benefits of membership here.

It is a policy of Meridian that all volunteers must complete a Working with Vulnerable People’s Check. This is free if you are applying for it in a volunteer position. If you have one for another organisation, we will need to cite your card, as well as be aware of any restrictions that may be in place.


As a volunteer of Meridian, you get access to a range of training opportunities. All volunteers who will be doing any work to represent Meridian, such as working on a stall or working on reception, need to do the basic volunteer training. This short training session is run regularly and introduces volunteers to the work of Meridian and information about HIV that will help them in their roles.

Other training is provided as necessary for specific roles, such as workshop facilitation, STRIP sexual health clinic outreach and NSP training.


  • New opportunities are updated as they become available.
  • Peer Education Facilitation (for gay and same-sex attraction identifying men and women)
  • STRIP Sexual Health Clinic Outreach
  • Reception
  • Stallholder Assistants
  • Event Assistants
  • Canberra Gay Community Periodic Survey

If you would like to help with any of the above opportunities, or have ideas for projects and ways that you would like to assist the work of Meridian that are not listed here, please contact us on 02 6257 2855 or email

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